IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd

Probate can be a difficult and time consuming matter for anyone without experience in this field, and it is for this reason that Lancashire Wills have developed a close working relationship with IWC Probate Services, who are a specialist probate company who can provide probate advice and administration with guaranteed fixed fees.

IWC work closely with clients and are happy to undertake the administration of a whole estate or to deal only with those areas of probate where clients don’t have the time or experience to undertake it themselves. Such areas may include the estate accounts and Inheritance Tax forms required by the Inland Revenue. IWC will give as much help and support as each individual client needs, and for a fixed fee agreed at the outset. Banks and solicitors usually undertake probate work on fixed fee AND a percentage of the value of the estate, which can work out very expensive.

When a client requests probate help and support, an appointment is made for you with one of their advisers, who will visit you at home to discuss the work you would like IWC to carry out.

Unlike many probate services, IWC are fully insured and all their advisers are fully qualified, and they are able to provide a complete probate solution, helping you deal with the emotional aspects of losing a loved one whilst they deal with the legal and practical ones.

For further information on IWC Probate Services, or to arrange a home consultation please contact IWC directly, or call us at Lancashire Wills and we will make the arrangements for you.

IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd